Is your organisation a pioneer in creating a net positive future for travel and hospitality? If so, we invite you to participate in the annual World Sustainable Travel & Hospitality Awards™.

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Explain your initiative and why it should win this award. Please include at least one significant statistic, result or key fact that captures its impact, such as the level of reduction attained, financial savings, benefits to the community or businesses. (Max 200 words)

Describe the lasting benefits your entry has had on the environment, society and economy. Please provide relevant supporting data for each. (Max 200 words)

How innovative is your entry? What is new or different about what you have done? (Max 100 words)

What recognised standards, directives or best practices was your entry guided by or comply with? (Max 50 words)

How have you partnered and collaborated with others (for example community groups, NGOs, businesses) to maximise resources and expertise? (Max 100 words)

How can your entry be adopted by others to create more impact? (Max 100 words)

How have you raised awareness of your initiative? For example, educating guests, the local community, staff, and marketing campaigns. (Max 100 words)

Please attach links to any additional information you believe is essential for telling your story. This could include photos, videos, reports, testimonials, fact sheets or other online resources.

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Submit Entry via Email

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